by Vivre sa Vie

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Released on tape by Arkan Recs.
Limited to 100 copies.


released March 12, 2016

Recorded by Jim Nurminen
Mixed by Tobias Backman and Jim Nurminen
Produced by Vivre sa vie and Jim Nurminen
Mastered by Klas Johansson
Music by Vivre sa vie



all rights reserved


Vivre sa Vie Stockholm, Sweden

Violent emo from Stockholm.

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Track Name: Together, always
You've heard all of this before
"Stay strong, stand tall"
You're sick of bullshit talk I'm sure
But please just try to hear me out

We can do this together if we try
It's hard to believe
I know

I Promise you
I'll always
Try my best
To keep you from the void
Forever I will hold
You in my heart
Track Name: War
I've got nothing
left from the war
I stand infront of the mirror
She stares me right in the eyes

War against yourself
A battlefield
On your torso
Gunmen down your neck

Flashes of trauma
from cold nights in trenches
And realizations that there's no salvation left

to stay focused
in the blinding lights
Chaos and destruction
there's no hope in sight
Don't know if I'll make it
But I guess I'll try
Loosing all my focus
Is this where I die

Against myself
I'm a battlefield
Track Name: Forever
I've got so much to give
But you never listen to what I have to say

your brothers
your sisters
You spit in our faces
You tear us
to pieces

But we
don't need you
to comfort
or like us
we've got each other
For ever and ever

Sisters, siblings united
Wherever we are, we'll always fight them
There's nothing left for us here
Anymore, you fuck us, destroy us
tear us to pieces

We've got so much to give

There's nothing left for us here
Track Name: Mothers/Daughters
Mothers and daughters
drowning in an ocean
of false words and mistakes
A sea of emotions

"I'll always love you my son"
"I'm your daughter,
you know this by now"
"Don't ever call me that"
"I love you, I love you"
"I know,
but it's hard
"I need your love"
Track Name: Sinking, still sinking
I've been down for so long
No way out of this hole
Sinking, still sinking
The void around me's shrinking

No hope left
I don't know how I'll manage
to keep on living when I am so damaged
Bleeding, bleeding always bleeding

Flesh, skin tissue
My body aches
For something more than this (and)

I don't know where I will find it
Or when
But I will try to go on
Can't let the pain take ahold of me

Sometimes I don't believe in anything
But I'm sure it will change
It has to change
and I have to believe

Can't get
by thoughts
and nothingness
But it
wont stop
Can't stand
But I wont let hopelessness win
I wont let hopelessness win
Track Name: Shame and disgust
You've said
that I'm worthless
I believed you
For so long
It has to change

Can't go on with this feeling inside
a feeling that I always have to hide
Shame and disgust

Or pride
In myself
I've hated
For so
So long

It has to change
it has to
It has to change